Tauko Paus Pause


Exhibition architecture
Year 2023
Client Tomi Leppänen

Tauko Paus Pause, Graphic Designer of the Year 2023 award exhibition, 24.3.–27.8.2023

The Graphic Designer of the Year 2023 Award exhibition Tauko Paus Pause by Tomi Leppänen(b. 1976) is shown at the Design Museum Gallery. Specializing in visual identities, Leppänen is most famous for his minimalistic design style. His work is often inspired by a simple concept, a playful idea or random observation. The Graphic Designer of the Year is an award granted by Grafia, the Association of Visual Communication designers in Finland, for distinguished contributions to visual design or other efforts to raise the level and appreciation of Finnish visual design.

Photo credits Unto Rautio